The Greatest thing since Natural Stone Sealer and Enhancer

Penetrator Pro is a Sealer and Consolidator that does what most cannot

What would you like your sealer to do? Resist salt water damage, Give your surfaces a cleaner appearance, Resist efflorescence, Consolidate your loose stone and much... much more? OK


Keep your deck looking clean and beautiful with Penetrator Pro

Product Data and Information

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Product Description   

Stone Amor Penetrator Pro is a deep penetrating, clear and breathable water repellent, stone sealer, concrete sealer and consolidator. Suited for protecting calcareous and porous stones such as limestone, travertine, flagstone, marble, also suited for concrete that has a high percentage of limestone or coral aggregate, pavers, and low-fired clay products (roofing tiles, brick, terracotta, floor tiles).  It is designed to increase the life of patios, decks, pool coping, spas, waterfalls, grout, walkways, showers, landscape stones and more. This VOC free proprietary siliconate technology is a single-step process that prevents water and contaminants from entering the substrate and causing deterioration and damage. Therefore also reducing efflorescence, sublorescence, spaling, leaching, scale, deicer scaling, staining, acid rain deterioration, dirt build up and corrosion. Penetrator Pro also contains consolidation technology for binding loose or powdery surfaces making them much stronger and giving the ability to withstand degradation due to freeze thaw and weathering.  

Advantages and Benefits of Penetrator Pro

-VOC free


-Water based

-Deep penetration

-Resistant to acid rain

-Reduced efflorescence 

- Keeps substrates cleaner 

-Excellent abrasion resistance

-Helps prevent chloride ion ingress

-Protects brickwork from rising damp

-Resistant against alkaline environment

-High penetration depth and fast curing

-Suitable as binder for silicate-based paints

-Reduces the damage that salt burst has on natural stone

-Increased compressive and flexural strengths in concrete 

-Consolidation and hydrophobation of mineral construction materials and sand

-Reduces the effects of mildew, efflorescence and stains on stone masonry buildings 

-Surface consolidant for binding loose and powdery surfaces and restoring natural stone

-Water repellent for low-fired clay products (e.g. roofing tiles, common brick, floor tiles, terracotta) as well as various natural stones, sandstones and gypsum

Preparation Surface to be treated must be clean. Remove dust, dirt, debris, grease, oil, asphalt, paint, coatings, waxes, efflorescence, mold, water and any other foreign material. Surface cleaning methods include sandblasting, pressure washing and using chemical cleaners. Always wear protective gloves and clothing. Avoid contact with skin this product is an irritant and can burn with extended exposure. Saturated or contaminated clothing should be removed immediately. ALWAYS TEST a small inconspicuous area of the substrate to be treated with same equipment to be used for application to verify coverage rate, conditions, and insure desired results. Use a pressure washer to clean and remove contamination from surface to be treated. Allow a minimum of 24 hours drying time after washing or rain before beginning application. Take precaution to cover and/or protect any and all people, plants, shrubs, vehicles, anodized aluminum, painted surfaces, wood and anything that might need protection from residue because of overspray, splash fumes and wind drift during application. 


1. Stone Armor® Penetrator Pro should be applied in an even and uniform application using a garden type low-pressure (15 to 25 psi) pump style sprayer with a wet fan type spray nozzle. Only one application (or only one time across the substrate leaving it wet is required). Other methods of applying Penetrator Pro include brushing, rolling, or low pressure commercial spray rig.  Multiple applications may be needed for denser consolidation.

2. Do not alter or dilute the material. Apply to dry surfaces only, do not apply to wet or damp substrates. Always test a small inconspicuous area of the substrate to be treated with same equipment to be used for application to verify coverage rate, conditions, and insure desired results. 

3. For vertical surfaces, apply in a flooding application from the bottom up, so the material runs down 6 to 8 inches below the spray pattern.  Do not allow product to puddle, using a blower or clean broom, evenly distribute the product across the surface of the substrate.

4.  Once the substrate has been saturated with a thin even layer and permitted to penetrate into the surface for a moment, take a roller brush, or cotton cloth and blot or spread excess product, (even tiny places where product has not soaked into substrate) this will insure that there is no chalky residue left on the surface.  In the event that a chalky residue is visible in areas, rinse with as little amount of water pressure as it takes to remove residue.  Generally this will dissipate quickly with a little water pressure.

Treating with Penetrator Pro Heat, sun, and water exposure will accelerate the erosion. We recommend treating and resealing your stone annually depending on your individual environment. Sealers do not last forever.  Resealing is determined by traffic, stone porosity, and most importantly, Mother Nature.     

Appropriate Surfaces: For use on uncoated surfaces only, interior or exterior and vertical or horizontal surfaces.  Porous natural stones including limestone, travertine, marble, flagstone, sandstone, gypsum.  Low-fired clay based products (roofing tiles, floor tiles, common brick, terracotta.  Also for use on concrete, pavers, and other cementitious (porous) products that have a high percentage of limestone or coral aggregate.  Penetrator Pro generally will not change the substrate appearance, when applied as directed, however, some stone may slightly darken. ALWAYS TEST in a small inconspicuous area prior to application for fitness and performance before going across entire surface to be treated (for each particular application). All concrete and masonry surfaces must cure for a minimum of 28 days prior to applying Penetrator Pro.  Not intended to be used for below-grade waterproofing.  Surface and air temperature should not be lower than 50°F (10°C) or above 95°F (35°C). 

Technical Data Penetrator Pro is a clear, colorless liquid in water carrier

Active Substance      silicate/siliconate 

Solvent                          Water 

Flash Point                   > 200°F 

Density                          8.71 lb/gal 

VOC                               0 g/L 

Shelf Life                     1 Year 

When to reapply Penetrator Pro 

As with all sealers, it also will deteriorates over time, mostly dependent on direct sunlight and abrasion (traffic).  Treated stone that is mostly out of direct sunlight on a vertical surface will last 2+ years.  Stone and substrates in full sun on a well used pathway around a pool could require reapplication every 2 to5 years but you can reapply as frequently as you see fit.  

Best Practices 

We recommend spaying Penetrator Pro on horizontal and vertical surfaces with a  garden style sprayer that has a wet fan type spray nozzle.  Spray applications allow the product to saturate the porous stone concrete and pavers.  Using a roller for any puddling will pick up any excess product and allow you to move it to other areas and reduce the chances for chalky residue to form on surfaces.  Take your time and work the product into the stone from all angles to ensure complete saturation.  

If the surface temperature is above 80F, it may cure too fast to ensure deep penetration.  Optimal time to apply is in the morning or out of direct sunlight.

Another Advantage of Penetrator Pro also acts as a surface consolidant for binding loose or powdery surfaces. The mixture fills in the calcium carbonate in limestone and marble to form a denser material. Sandstone also is hardened when the silicate bonds with the quartz grains.  

Precautions Penetrator Pro containers should be kept closed when not in use and should be stored at temperatures between 40°F (5°C) and 120°F (50°C), away from rain and standing water. When working in an enclosed area, an air respirator should be used. Please refer to the material safety data sheet for more detailed information. AVAILABILITY Penertrator Pro is available in 1 and 5-gallon containers. Shipped F.O.B. throughout the United States. Contact your local Stone Armor representative for specific cost information and samples. You can obtain contact information on our website,, or by calling us at 1 (806)3707476.

LIMITATIONS OF LIABILITY No guarantee of accuracy is given or implied. We guarantee our products to conform to Advanced Armor quality control. We assume no responsibility for coverage, performance, or injuries resulting from its use. Liability, if any, is limited to replacement of products. NO OTHER WARRANTY OR GUARANTEE OF ANY KIND IS MADE BY ADVANCED ARMOR, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, STATUTORY, BY OPERATION OF LAW OR OTHERWISE, INCLUDING FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.


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